According to the World Council for Economic Development (WCED), Sustainable Development is development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

At Coco Veda we're striving to build a Sustainable Business Model with the following objectives > 
1. We don't buy Coconuts and take Pride in the fact that we get Raw Produce from Coconut Farmer Co-operatives which give farmers minimum 1.5x the value of a coconut .
2. The Raw Produce from the farms is further processed at Coco Veda into finished Coconut Food products of High Quality . Our Virgin Coconut Oil is used as an important ingredient / carrier oil in our Personal Care & Therapeutic formulations .
3. Emphasis is laid on Cold Processing Without Heat all throughout the Operations at Coco Veda . Although simple & manual , the Operations are already Certified by the Halal Authorities and We are ISO/GMP certified now. 
4. The result of all this effort at Supply Chain and Operations Management is a range of Affordable Natural Products that last longer and are Value for Money .
5. It's the Vision of the Company has been "From Farm to E Commerce " . This first online store is an important step towards that direction to build a B2C Network across several countries with a Caring, Sharing Opportunity & Growing Together Spirit .
6. As a firm commitment to building on our Sustainable Model and truly supporting farmers, certain % of the revenue from this store will allocated towards our future " Coco Veda Sustainable Livelihood Foundation " which we hope can be incorporated in The Philippines in 2017 as a Non Stock Non Profit Foundation as per the guidelines laid down by SEC .
7.  The goal of the Livelihood Foundation is to have a fully integrated coconut processing hub in The Philippines by 2022 serving the needs of Coco Veda's Raw Materials and Semi Finished Products .