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Coco Veda's Ethical Business Philosophy is Combining Strenghths , Sharing Opportunity & Growing Together with a Caring Spirit *

* This is not a Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) Business * 

Online Opportunities 

Every effort is being made to make this visible on this online store there are several types of opportunities that we are willing to engage in depending on your willingness to be a part of the Coco Veda Family . 

1. Reward Points  - for all orders received with a minimum checked out cart value above usd 100 , we would like to offer upto 5% as Reward Points upon your being registered and fully signed up. 

USD 100 - 200 = 1% Reward Points 

USD 201 - 300 = 2% Reward Points

USD 301 - 400 = 3% Reward Points

USD 401 - 500 = 4% Reward Points

USD 501 and above  = 5% Reward Points 

 2. Loyalty Rewards - all customers who maintain an average monthly spend of usd 100 consistently for six months, will automatically be credited an additional 2.5% of the spent cart value at the end of the sixth month .

3. Referrals - we're looking to grow our community and respect all introductions . Each referrals will earn 5% Reward Points on the checkout cart value of the customer that has been referred / introduced 

4. Direct Resellers - those who may wish to take the Referral relationship to the next level by committing more time , effort and energy , are welcome to discuss with us result oriented market / segment specific opportunities on a one on one basis .

Please do get in touch via email at quoting the subject " Online Reseller Opportunity " 

Offline Opportunities 

5. Stockists - the cost of International Shipping is a major challenge in managing the E fulfillment logistics for this business  and we would like to share this opportunity with small entrepreneurs across Asia , Middle East , Africa , Europe , North America & Latin America who are willing to initially invest upto usd 5k in stocking inventory and support cost effective  efulfillment logistics in a specific country . 

Please do get in touch via email at quoting the subject " Online E Fulfillment Stockist Opportunity "

6. Country Partners - should you wish to take a country specific responsibility for managing Coco Veda as a brand , with the willingness to explore further a five year roadmap to take on the responsibility of building a consumer base of upto 0.5% of a country's population . 

Please do get in touch via email at quoting the subject " Country Partnership Opportunity "

8. Private Label / Bulk Supplies

We are open to discussing Private Label Partnerships and Bulk Supply Arrangements on a partnership basis , where we assume the role of manufacturer on the label in situations where you may have convincingly a better brand presence & local Knowhow . 


7. None of the Above 

If you have an idea that we haven't thought of , and would like to discuss it , please get in touch via email at quoting the subject of what you would like to discuss .

We respond to all emails , generally within 48 working hours .