About Us

Coco Veda is a Socially Sustainable Enterprise Development initiative with a Responsible Mission and an Ethical Value System focused on being able to make a difference in the farmer communities as well as the lives of those connected with us.

Our lead product is Cold Processed – Without Heat Virgin Coconut Oil manufactured by the separation method which has a consistently low moisture content below 0.1% , a water clear appearance and a mild fresh coconut aroma. The Raw & Natural product is a Ketogenic Medium Chain Triglyceride that helps people improve their quality of lives in terms of metabolism boost, immune system support, cardiovascular health, brain response, thyroid function, expecting & lactating mothers, detox, oil pulling etc.

We also offer Fresh Coconut Sap Nectar Syrup and Sugar Crystals which are an excellent alternative to artificial sweetner for Diabetics with a low Glycemic Index of 35.

The increasingly demanding lifestyle of the 21st Century on a planet where we have officially recorded our warmest historical year in 2014 suggests that each of us pay due attention to our Natural Wellness & Beauty - this is what we are striving for – our range of Hair, Face, Lips, Body, Therapeutic & Specialty Products should speak for themselves; it is our goal & objective to stay focused on this by continuous improvement.