The Cocoveda Story

Coco Veda is a Socially Sustainable Enterprise Development initiative with a Responsible Mission and an Ethical Value System focused on being able to make a difference in the farmer communities as well as the lives of those connected with us.

Our lead product is Cold Processed – Without Heat Virgin Coconut Oil manufactured by the separation method which has a consistently low moisture content below 0.1% , a water clear appearance and a mild fresh coconut aroma. The Raw & Natural product is a Ketogenic Medium Chain Triglyceride that helps people improve their quality of lives in terms of metabolism boost, immune system support, cardiovascular health, brain response, thyroid function, expecting & lactating mothers, detox, oil pulling etc.

What is Cold Processed (Without Heat) VCO?
Cold Processed (Without Heat) Virgin Coconut Oil is colouriess, has a mild fresh Coconut Aroma and smooth after taste when swallowed. VCO is Healthy, Raw & Natural saturated fat with a high content of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, primarily Lauric Acid which is also found in Mother's Milk. Because of its Anti Microbial and Anti Viral properties. VCO is being
referred to as "The Healthiest Oil" on the planet and even as as "Super Health Food".

How is it made?
It is extracted from the fresh meat of carefully chosen mature coconuts by the Low Emuision & Separation Technique (LEAST METHOD) which is a Wet Natural Process without the application of heat. There is no chemical refining bleaching or deodorizing to alter any of the nutrients from its natural state.

What are the potentials

Health benefits?

Immune System Support
Cardiovascular Health
Thyroid Function
Metabolism Boost
Digestive System
Improves Brain Response
Promotes Healthy Lactation
Ideal For Oil Pulling.

Skin Health

Age Defender
Restores Tisses & Improves Skin
Skin Lightening
Natural Moisturiser

Hair & Scalp

Protects againts Hair Loss & Dandruff
Nourishes Dry & Itchy Scalp conditions
Revitaizes Hair Health


How does VCO have multiple amazing benefits?

VCO when ingested goes directly to the liver, the Medium Chain Triglycerides are converted to Ketogenic Energy in the body and brain, Its the presence of Lauric Acid, Capric Acid & Caprylic Acid that provide the Anti Microbial, Anti Oxidant, Anti Fungal & Anti Bacterial properties.

Whilst the 21st Century modern world is still rediscovering these benefits and science has yet to acknowledge many of these whole heatedly. Coconut Oil per se has been used both as a Functional Food and a Therapeutic (Carrier) Oil in Ayurvedic Science in the Indian Sub Continent for Centuries.

A Sustainable Fai Trade Initiative for Phillipine
Farmer Co-operatives by Coco Veda

PCA Registration No. 0153374