Coco Veda is a young startup Company based in The Philippines since 2014 . Our focus is on "Sustainable Social Enterprise Development" which traces back to grassroots - Coconut Farmers in this case in line with Our Long Term Vision, " From Farm to eCommerce "

1. The Lead Product of Our Project  ( ) is Cold Processed Without Heat Virgin Coconut Oil ( see how the Raw VCO is made in the farm which we then process further through a 7 Stage Process of Natural Filtration by the Gravity Separation Method > ( Raw VCO at the Farm - )

We support the organic farming community & don't buy any Coconuts .

Our High Quality Virgin Coconut Oil is essentially a Ketogenic Functional Food good for the metabolism (Download GBA Step to Step Growth Model )

2. We also have a very tasty & healthy Coconut Sap Sugar ( see how sugar is cooked totally naturally in the farms and then crystallized ) .

This is a "Low Glycemic Index Coconut Sap Sugar" considered safe for Diabetics from an Insulin Spike perspective .
3. Under R&D right now is a "Coconut Healthy Tea" which we hope to introduce next year for test marketing , essentially to be rich in Calcium and as a Calming Tea because of the Inositol ( Vit B8 ) present in the Coconut Flower Buds .
4. Our Personal Care Range uses our Cold Processed Without Heat Virgin Coconut Oil & Plant Extract , (primarily oil based products) blended with botanical extracts to create simple Hand Made products , entirely Cold Processed focussing on the Skin as our Body's Largest Organ as opposed to Cosmetic Beauty .

You may view some of these on

We're currently building the World's First Free International Shipping Coconut Health & Wellness Online Store  , hopefully soft launch in Q1 of 2017 . Initial target is to free ship to 50+ countries initially .
5. We also have a range of Wellness Relief Oils like Repellant Oil & Pain Relief Oil already developed which are not visible on the website with several more products recently introduced which focus on Oral Rinsing , Feminine Balance , Tired Feet & Joints Relief ,  Itch Relief , Better Sleep + Focus , Better Breathing , Cuticles Health etc . More to follow in 2017 .

6. Our Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil Soaps continue to give any Natural Soap a run for their Value for Money - we support Community Women in The Philippines for this initiative .

We believe our products are different and hopefully complementary to what others are offering .

What we have developed during 2015-16 , is good for most people in terms of Metabolism , Skin Health & Wellness .

It's also fair to say that Coco Veda is a very young and hopefully emerging brand !  Although we're not the only such company in the world , but we're probably one of the very few with a wide & growing range of unique products ( which we hope to continue to expand in terms of product offering ) carefully thought through keeping human wellness at the core of our development thought process .

We believe that we're now ready to expand our B2C market visibility and engage with small B2B partners during 2017 , with the intention of building a gradual market presence by 2020 in  20+ countries ; starting with getting our foot in the door , thereafter we hope to build credibility , strive hard to build a regular client base of consumers of our products in each country .

It goes without saying that we can't do this alone , we need partners , right partners . That's really our focus at the moment , to find the right partners & build a footprint together - slowly , but surely with a spirit of joining hands & Growing Together !

Our approach to market is multiple online stores including partnering up with Prominent Marketplaces to build some visibility , leading to engagement & hopefully this will trigger some like minded on the ground country specific partnerships to take us one Baby step closer towards achieving our Vision with a Sustainable Footprint / Model that we can proudly  & honestly trace back to the Coconut Farming Community .

We are not a mainstream company & our objective is to build Sustainable Business Relationships with fair pricing for good quality products .